Runner Up Best In Group - Dylan and Charlie.  The only Swedish Vallhunds In NZ to achieve this award at a Championship Show

Charlie and Lynne J Group

NZCH Vallarity Foxtrot Bravo

Dylan Res of Group July 14

NZCH Vallarity Dylan


Lars (Vallarity Galligaskins - Australia) graduates from puppy school


National Show Champions Since 2005

Kindle at the beach

2005 NZCH Murival Antares

Owned by Natalie Morgan

Bred by Bev Trowbridge

Ruby at Pre- Show

2006 NZCH Dlarah Ruby Tuesday - Imp Aust

Owned by Lynne Henry

Bred By Leonie Darling

*2007 - No Swedish Vallhund Entries*


2008 NZCH Valkrista Alatna

Intermediate of Group

Owned by Natalie Morgan

Bred by Rose Madsen

Ricky National Pic

2009 NZCH Vallarity Ticket To Ride

Owned by Lynne Henry

Bred By Lynne Henry


2010 NZCH Valkrista Maid Marion

Owned by Greg Sloane

Bred By Rose Madsen

Nationals 2011 Dexter

2011 NZCH Hogalids Dexter - Imp Sweden

Junior In Group

Owned by Lynne Henry

Bred by Jonna Kanerva

Moko 2012 Nationals

2012 Aust & NZCH Bodeneis Foxy Folkmar - Imp Finland

Owned by Natalie Morgan, Lynne Henry & Amanda Smith

Bred By Kirsi Hotanen

Chala & Kath at Nationals 2013

2013 NZCH Torvalls Crackling Rosie

Bred By Kath and Greg Sloane

Owned By Kath and Greg Sloane


viking kids


Ani big jump


Kindle & Ash (54)


Candy hi five


Jessica and Moko1


Copyright Dexter and Goat


Teddy at Lake Taupo


Sarah and the Holly Days Litter 2013


10 Months Pups Playing


1 Chala Portrait

Natalie Ash on Flag

"NZCH Valkrista Alatna" of Vanaheim

Legacy heading


NZCH Vallarity Foxtrot Bravo"

Standing at Vallarity


Vallarity new logo of Charlie

email Vallarity:


Vanaheim Logo

email Vanaheim:


Torval Logo

email Torvall:


Proud to be New Zealand's most successful breeders of Swedish Vallhunds


The Team of New Zealand Swedish Vallhund Breeders

2012 National SV group

Back Row: Lynne Henry, Charlotte Hoier (Breed Judge - Denmark), John Moore

Front Row: Candyce Orchard, Natalie Morgan, Kathy Sloane.  Kaye, Greg and Keith not pictured

Rotorua group shot Nationals2011 Dexter and Jack Charlie and Team  Dylan and John Moko 2012 Nationals

"People don't know how lucky they are to have a Swedish Vallhund from you and we dont just receive a puppy, we receive well-rounded, socialised, delightful bundles of mischief who are bred with care and consideration and with great thought put into the breeding to ensure that they have been breed for health and temperament. Thank you Lynne you truly give families wonderful happiness and pleasure with the work you do in breeding such beautiful Vallhunds.  We know that this has been done at considerable cost to you in importing such wonderful Vallhunds to breed from.  We are the grateful recipients of your care and dedication to the Vallhunds in NZ.  Thank you Lynne." - Mishael Logan  


"Keep up the excellent work.  The breed, owners and future owners are very lucky to have  a dedicated group such as the three of you here in New Zealand." - Trish Morrow

Vallarity, Torvall and Vanaheim, along with our International Associates, remain separate identities, however we are all dedicated to working together for the good of the Swedish Vallhund Breed and the preservation of its characteristics, health and genetic diversity, with careful selection and record keeping. 


Working with specialist Veterinarian Clinics, we strive to breed puppies of sound body and mind, health testing parents, which includes: 


* Hip/elbow xrays

* DNA testing

* Annual eye examinations.






Breeding dogs is something we take seriously and do not make puppies without careful consideration of the results, for the good of the breed, now and for future generations.


Mindful of the diversity of this breed, we are the only breeders in NZ to actively include:


* Red colour

* Rare lines

* Bob tail 

* Long tail






In our breeding programmes.


Ricky and Charlie, examples of the long tail and Bob Tail




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Conservation efforts are being made to preserve rare bloodlines!  


With only 4 lines left - 2 being extremely rare, we believe it is vital to protect the 2 rare lines for the future of the breed.  While stillhealth testing, hip scoring, annual eye examinations and DNA profiling, we are working on a breeding programme that will see these lines expanding back into the very limited gene pool.



A matriline is a line of descent from a female ancestor to a descendant via a line of females. A matriline can be drawn from todays females all the way to the females of the foundation stock: from daughter to mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and so on.

Mitochondria are the power plants of the cell: They supply cell with energy.  In addition to that, mitochondria have their role in regulating the cycle, growth and death of cells.  In a Matriline, the mitochondrial DNA (mt DNA) has descended from a mother to a daughter.  Males also inherit mtDNA from their mother, but they cannot pass it on.  Offspring inherits mtDNA always from the mother, and the genes of the father do not affect mtDNA in any way.  If the matriline is broken, the mtDNA of that line is lost.

There are only two matrilines left among Swedish Vallhunds.



A patriline is a father line, or a sire line as it could be called in the dog world. A patriline is a line of descent from a male ancestor to a descendant via line of males: a sire, his sire and his sire, and so on. Males Y chromosome descents in the patriline.

Out of these 13 patrilines, 11 have died out

Today, there are only two intact patrilines: Mopsens and Tjappos.   Tjappos line is hanging by a thread. If Tjappos patriline disappears, there is only one version of chromosome Y and the DNA it contains left in the breed

Credit: Halla Seppala, Konnunkoden Swe dish Vallhunds (Finland)




The rare 6% Tussi Matriline is only present in NZCH Trendam Busy Being Fabulous - Imp Aust.

The rare 1% Tjappo Patriline is only present in NZCH Vallarity Foxtrot Bravo & Aust. & NZCH Bodeneis Foxy Folkmar - Imp Finland


We have the only breeding Swedish Vallhund's to carry these rare bloodlines in NZ.    

Emily and Ryley

  Our Vallhunds success in the show Ring, at Group and In-Show level, the Agility Arena, Obedience and Herding speaks volumes for their quality of type and temperament.  However, it is their social skills, relaxed behaviour and very happy puppy owners that is our greatest success story


Tailed sv co ©

Teddy Head

NZCH Hockgardens Teddy - Imp Sweden

Foundation Stud dog for SVNZ

"Fantastic website - well done. I am the very proud owner of Rocky Racoon and Quiet Like Jasper (Torraq) both from Natalie. Wonderful dogs. You do need 2 as one will run you ragged whereas the two run themselves ragged :) Thank you Natalie for all the work you do for this fantastic breed." Dianne


"Hi Lynne, It is so good to hear about your wonderful Vallhunds and their successes.  This really shows us what a truly dedicated and successful breeder you are!  I hope you are very proud of yourself and your achievements.  You deserve the accolades."

Regards Pat


  " 3 more weeks to go them home boyz cant wait to see you both. Bred by one of NZ best Breeder of Swedish Vallhunds; Lynne Henry, thanks Lynne you're the best." - Auvea Logan


 " In my mind the best breeder of Swedish Vallhunds in NZ is the Breeder Lynne Henry" - Naomi Logan



Classic Hits Pet Expo

over 10,000 people met our Swedish Vallhunds


expo teddy Expo Teddy

Teddy and Lynne explaining the breed  and meeting the children in the audience

Our International Stars

Copyright Teddy stacked

NZCH Hockgardens Teddy - Imp Sweden

Ruby for website

NZCH Dlarah Ruby Tuesday - Imp Australia

Melody Head c

NZCH Trendam Busy Being Fabulous - Imp Australia

Copyright Dexter

NZCH Hogalids Dexter - Imp Sweden

Moko On Log

Aust & NZCH Bodenies Foxy Folkmar - Imp Finland, exp Aust


Aust Ch Vallarity Denver - Exp Australia


Aust & NZCH HIC Vallarity Harlem Shuffle

Boots Junior In Show

Aust Ch Vallarity Fox N Sox - Exp Australia

Emily Baby Puppy of Group

Dlarah Trust In Me - Imp Australia

Max 9 months

Aust Ch HIC Vallarity Twist And Shout - Exp Australia

Our National Stars

Copyright Dylan head

NZCH Vallarity Dylan

Ricky and his tyre

NZCH Vallarity Ticket To Ride

Kindle at the beach

NZCH Murival Antares

Chala 1 year

NZCH Torvall Crackling Rosie


NZCH Vallarity Cracker Jack

Annie Looking

NZCH Vallarity Foxy Fey

Freddie heza cool cat

NZCH Vanaheim Heza Cool Cat

1 Bobby Portrait

NZCH Torvall Callys Litten Flicka

Harmony Head

NZCH Vanaheim Making Mischief

Natalie Phoenix

NZCH Vanaheim Pirates Codex


NZCH Valkrista Maid Marion


NZCH Vallarity Foxtrot Bravo

Ani amd ribbons

Vallarity Chantilly Lace

Natalie Ash

NZCH Valkrista Alatna

Flare Head shot

NZCH Vanaheim Strawberry Fields

Vallarity cartoon dog on sign©  
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