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Vallarity Hip Hop Hillbilly wins Baby Puppy of Group

Billy Baby Of Group


Conservation efforts are being made to preserve rare bloodlines!

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Our Stud Dogs


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Link Here for the results and Photos  of 2014 National Show





Legacy heading Team Vallhund Logo

2012 National SV group

Pictured - Back Row: Lynne Henry, Charlotte Hoier (Breed Judge - Denmark), John Moore

Front Row: Candyce Orchard, Natalie Morgan, Kathy Sloane.

Kaye Moore, Greg Sloane & Keith Orchard not pictured


With over 100 years combined experience with dogs,the Team includes:

  • A Qualified Veterinary Nurse 
  • Animal Behaviourist
  • A.I Technician
  • Breed Lecturers
  • Experienced Puppy Evaluators
  • Breeder Members of the NZKC
  • Members of NZ Pedigree Dog Breeders

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Vallarity Logo with Teddy and silhouette

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Vallarity, Torvall and Vanaheim remain separate identities, however we work together with the Swedish Vallhund Breed and the preservation of its characteristics, health and genetic diversity, with careful selection and record keeping. 


Working with specialist Veterinarian Clinics, we strive to breed puppies of sound body and mind, health testing parents, which includes: 

* Hip/elbow xrays   * DNA testing   * Annual eye examinations



Ricky and Charlie, examples of the long tail and Bob Tail

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Our Vallhunds success in the show Ring, at Group and In-Show level, the Agility Arena, Obedience and Herding speaks volumes for their quality of type and temperament.  However, it is their social skills, relaxed behaviour and very happy puppy owners that is our greatest success story


Classic Hits Pet Expo.
Over 10,000 people met our Swedish Vallhunds


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