Established in 2005, home of Imported and Vallarity bred Swedish Vallhunds, we are situated in the rural, central North Island.

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Our home is situated on the banks of the mighty Waikato River

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Birth of a Viking 4

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Vallarity Logo with Teddy and silhouette


 We do not have kennels, instead our 'kids' share our home with us and have their own bedroom, kitchen, conservatory and outside area, all with internal access to our house. 

They have a varied life which includes Showing, Herding, Tracking and anything else I can think of to keep them occupied.  Their recreational activities include swimming, lots of play and making our house a home!



All of us



Lynne Dexter and Ruby

Photo Credit - Supashots

Showing the Dogs

For as long as I can remember I have been involved in a competitive sport, netball, badmington, basketball etc. As a child I was competing at Pony Club level, which led to a successful career in Eventing.  I jumped disciplines in my late 20's and competed for 7 years at Rodeos, gaining NZ titles in Barrel Racing. I then went on to successfully breed, train and show Western Paint & Quarter Horses.  I gained my Judges ticket, but continued to compete here and in Australia.  Wayne was a farrier and horse trainer, and we ran a breeding and training facility and quarantined imported stud horses.  My experience within this industry taught me how to decipher lineage, understand genetics and appreciate a well bred, well conformed animal. I enjoyed seeing how my breeding and training stacked, by competing against others in the same sport.

I have been involved in training, breeding and showing dogs since I was a teenager and once I decided to move away from the horses in 2010, I took up showing dogs full time.

Getting this rare, little breed out and about is a great conversation starter for the numerous people who have never met a Swedish Vallhund.


On a Formal Note


When I first became involved in the breed I noticed a void, waiting to be filled, for Show Quality Swedish Vallhunds in NZ.  I then set about searching the world for dogs, I believed, would form a strong and healthy foundation for my breeding programme.  I was very lucky to meet honest and ethical breeders who were happy to share their bloodlines with me.

With this in mind I am the 1st breeder in NZ to import dogs from Sweden, also bringing in a dog from Finland (in partnership), as well as 3 girls from Australia.

10 years later and I am proud to have assisted 4 breeders in NZ, 2 in Australia and seen my lines heading to America and Canada.

To date my dogs have achieved more than I would have dreamed of when I 1st began:

From my 1st Litter


Aust & NZ Ch Vallarity Harlem Shuffle - 1st NZ Bred Swedish Vallhund to be dual titled and Herding Instinct Certified

NZ Ch Vallarity Ticket To Ride - 1st Swedish Vallhund to win multi Class In Show awards and the only Vallhund to qualify to compete at the NZKC Dog to the Year Show.

Aust Ch Vallarity Twist And Shout - Australian Champion, Group winner and Herding Instinct Certified

Vallarity Teddy Boy - Search and Rescue

Vallarity Day Tripper - Produced Multi Champions for his breeder/owner

Vallarity Follow The Sun - Exported to Canada


I have only bred another 6 litters which have produced:


NZ Ch Vallarity Cracker Jack - Multi Class In Group winner and produced NZ Ch and the only 2x National Show winner for his owner/breeder

Aust Ch Vallarity Denver - Multi Class In Group winner

Vallarity Chantilly Lace - Agility Dog

NZ Ch Vallarity Dylan - The only dog to win every Group Class as well as Reserve In Group and Class In Show

NZ Ch Vallarity Foxtrot Bravo - The only Swedish Vallhund to win 2 Reserve In Groups as well as multi Class In Show.  The only SV to be awarded Top Show Dog Of The Year.

NZ Ch Vallarity Foxy-Fey - Multi Class In Group and Class In Show winner.

Aust Ch Vallarity Fox N Sox - Multi Class in Group and Multi Class In Show winner. In Group Winner.


I am proud of all my 'babies' and delighted to hear how they have made a positive impact on the lives of their new families.

It is also a joy to watch the decendants of my Swedish Vallhunds competing, and sharing in their successes.


I have fulfilled my dream of producing competitive Swedish Vallhunds for myself and others, in many of the dog sport arenas.  With the joint efforts of our team of breeders, we have achieved much in the genetic mapping of the breed and, with this information, the future puppy plans will ensure a continued robust and healthy breed going into the future.  Fortunately, I was lucky to have foundation dogs with no history of health issues, so by continuing with our regular tests and monitoring, I am confident that we will not stumble across anything untoward.

With careful planning, at a cellular level, through genetic testing I believe I will continue to produce puppies that, not only, are competitive in the dog sporting arenas and are robust pets and working dogs - but will also live a long and healthy life for their families. And for me, that is what dog breeding is all about - quality not quantity and making every puppy count.

To date, I have not lost a puppy and my bitches have all whelped naturally with no health issues.

Breeder Of: Owner Of:


  •  6 - NZ Champions
  •  3 - Australian Champions
  •  1 - Aust & NZ Champion
  •  4 - Multi Class In Show Winner
  •  9 - Multi Class In Group Winners
  •  3 - In Group Winner
  •  2 - Herding Certified Dogs
  •  1 - National Show Champion
  •  2 - Reserve of Group Winners
  • 9 - NZ Champions
  • 2 - Swedish Imported Dogs
  • 2 - Australian Imported Bitches
  • 3 - Multi Class In Show Winners
  • 6 - Multi Class In Group Winners
  • 1 - Reserve In Group Winner
  • 3 - National Show Champions
  • 3 - Swedish Vallhund of the Year for 7   consecutive years
  • 1 - Show Dog Of The Year
  •   7 - Litters
  • 41 - Puppies

Marianne and Lynne

Marianne, Teddy, Ricky & Lynne

Jonna Kanerva


Lynne and Leonie

Lynne & Leonie with Candy



Kath & Lynne with puppies

Kath & Lynne with Vallarity puppies

Friend and breed enthusiast with Marianne Larsson of Sweden since 2006

Natalie and Lynne

Natalie & Lynne with Vallarity puppies

Close friend and breed associate with Natalie Morgan of Vanaheim Kennels since 2006

Friend and breed associate with Jonna Kanerva of Hogalids Kennels, Sweden,  since 2009






Proud to have been a part of Leonies Team Dlarah, Swedish Vallhunds, Australia, and close friends since 2005, until 2011 when her life was tragically taken in a road accident.







Friend and breed associate with Tove Gustavsson of Hockgardens Kennels, Sweden, since 2006





Lynne Amanda and Sammy

Sammy, Lynne & Amanda

2013 trip to Australia

Friends and breed associate with Kath and Greg of Torvall Swedish Vallhunds since 2005


Amanda & Corvey

Paw print

Paw print

Paw print

Paw print

Good friends and breed associate with Amanda of Trendam Swedish Vallhunds, Australia since 2011


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