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Welcome to our Golden Oldies page celebrating the lives of our wonderful foundation dogs.

NZCH Valkrista Alatna
Natalie Ash on Flag

Natalie Ash Signature

Dob:  13 August 2006

Colour:  Grey/Yellow

Tail:  Natural Bob

Height: 32 cm

Eyes: Clear Eye Certificate

Hips:  International Grade B


NZ CH Valkrista Alatna


Her Family

Ausled Classic Cangaroo with Rose

Dam: Ausled Classic Cangaroo (Roo)

(Imp Aust)

Pictured as a puppy

NZ & Aust CH Leesway Man About Town

Sire: NZ & Aust CH Leesway Man About Town

(Imp Aust)





  Granddam: Ausled   Gothic Twirl





Vastgota Rudolf Valentino

Grandsire: Can CH Vastgota Rudolf Valentino

Ash joined us in 2006 and immediately started her winning ways !! A Multi Class In Group Winner at All Breed Shows, she has surpassed all our expectations and is a Class In Group Winner at National Show Level.  Ash is a very sound bitch exhibiting wonderful breed type with loads of presence.  A cheeky girl with an abundance of vall humour Ash is a definite show off and a delight to have around. She is a much loved member of our family and endears herself to everyone with her gentle nature.


Conformation Showing Achievements


4 x Baby Puppies of Group

1 x Junior of Group

1 x Intermediate of Group (NZKC National Show)

Under Swedish Based Judge Mr Paul Stanton

To Many Best of Breeds to Count


Dam of four litters in New Zealand

Mother of  13 puppies total


NZ Ch Valkrista Alatna National Dog Show 2008


*Stop Press*


Critique by visiting Breed Specialist from Sweden Judge Mrs Anita Whitmarsh 11 April 2015.


NZCH Valkrista Alatna


8 years and 7months old.


Feminine, good size, lovely well shaped head, excellent proportion, eyes a bit large and round. Neat ears, excellent muzzle, good depth, good neck, strong ribcage of good length, very good fore-chest, a bit short in upper arm, could have stronger pasterns, excellent rear end, good double coat, wee bit soft, moves well and covers the ground well with happy attitude.


NZ CH Valkrista Alatna

Paw printPaw printPaw print



NZCH Murivall Antares


Kindle & Ash (03)

Natalie Kindle Signature

Dob:  16 April 2003

Colour:  Grey/Sable

Tail: Long Tail

Height:  34 cm

Eyes:  Current Clear Eye Certificate

Hips:  Interational Grade B


NZ CH Murivall Antares



We would like to introduce our beloved Kindle (NZ CH Murival Antares) who waltzed into our lives and became a very special part of our family in 2003. 


He is our one in million companion and friend!!


 Kindle is an extremely happy outgoing, intelligent dog who was born just loving people of all ages!! A serious ball fan, he will play an endless game of fetch for hours with anyone who is willing to participate!  He never fails to bring a smile to the face of people he meets and is a much loved member of our family.

In his time in the show ring he achieved many best of breed wins and was a Twice Junior of Group winner at All Breeds Shows creating a milestone for the breed at the time.


Kindle also trained for competitive obedience and aglity, is apt at herding cows and sheep and loves to show off a few favourite tricks !!


A huge thank you to Beverly Trowbridge for entrusting this very special boy to me.


Conformation Show Achievements


2 x Junior of Group (All Breeds Shows)

National show, Best of Breed Winner 2005

Numerous BOB Awards


Sire of two litters in New Zealand

Father of 10 puppies total



We are proud to have his son Torvall Magnus Kindleson   following in his fathers footsteps with the blessing and support of  Ian Grey from thewell known Valdamar Kennels.



NZ CH Murivall Antares

Photo Credit Lynne Henry


His Family

Valkrista Santa Fe

Dam: Valkrista Santa Fe (Raffie)

Pictured as a puppy

Ausled Platypus

Sire: Ausled Platypus (Kimbo)

Imp Aust

V. Popinjay ( Jayjay)

 Valkrista Popinjay





NZ & Aust CH Leesway Man About Town

Aust & NZ CH Leesway Man

About Town (Wallaby)


Paw printPaw printPaw print



Vallarity Day Tripper


Vallarity Day Tripper 2013 G2

Natalie Sparky Signature 

Dob:  10 August 2008

Colour:  Red

Tail: Long Tail

Height:  34 cm

Eyes:  Current Clear Eye Certificate

Hips:  International Grade B

His Family

Sire: NZCH Hockgardens Teddy - Imp Sweden

lejondalens frasse

NORDV-06 NUCH SUCH Lejondalens Frasse

Ruby in field

 Dam: NZCH Dlarah Ruby Tuesday - Imp Australia


Konnunkodon Draco Malfoy

AUST GR CH BIS  Konnundodon Draco Malfoy

"Sparky"  bounced into our lives and quickly became known as the pocket rocket, none of our other valls have ever been able to out run him ! 


He is a wonderful example of the breed, exhibing great type and comformation.  He comes from a long line of BIS, Class in Show and Multiple Group winning Swedish Vallhunds from around the world, and brings with him some exciting new bloodlines from, Sweden, Finland and Australia. 


Sparky as his name implies is full of vim and vigour !! He loves long walks, fun in the snow and is always up for a good ball game.


We would like to extend our thanks to his breeder Lynne Henry for entrusting us with this lovely boy.


Conformation Show Achievements


5 x Best of Breed

3 x Baby Puppy of Group

1 x Puppy of Group

From limited outings at shows


Sire of two litters in New Zealand

Father of 12 puppies total



Vallarity Day Tripper 2013 G


Vallarity Day Tripper



Paw printPaw printPaw print



















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