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From: TERESEA SAUNDERSMonday, 19/Oct/2015 20:12
Home Page: http://226 princes way
It has been a pleasure too see you succeed in the show ring and in helping bring the breed from near extinction to prosper. You always loved your animals and your competive nature used too encourage me when we were both teenagers <3
From: Gilly Mathieson Monday, 07/Sep/2015 08:17
Great to talk with you on Saturday. Have loved looking through your website. One day after I retire ( end of 2016) I'll be in touch and see if you have a retired show dog you need to find a forever home for.

Your Saturday Steward
Gilly Mathieson
From: Bruce KnoxSunday, 22/Dec/2013 20:33
Home Page:
Merry Xmas. I am the proud owner of Loki (Vanaheim a splash of sunstone). He is joy and a great companion to list just two of his many virtues. I would recommend these dogs to anyone who can cope with their excessive combination of love and exuberance.
From: Trish MorrowSunday, 23/Jun/2013 08:15
Keep up the excellent work. The breed, owners and future owners are very lucky to have a dedicated group such as the three of you here in New Zealand.
From: GrantFriday, 07/Jun/2013 02:13
Happy birthday to the Abbey Road Litter. Our little boy Loki is 2 today. Thanks Natalie for the gift that keeps giving. Now with Loki (2) (aka Johnny B Goode) and Luna (6m) (Calamity Jane) we have two wonderful Vanaheim SVs. Thanks Natalie for your hard work. Hope all is going well. xoxox
From: Dianne SmeehuyzenWednesday, 22/May/2013 12:52
Fantastic website - well done. I am the very proud owner of Rocky Racoon and Quiet Like Jasper (Torraq) both from Natalie. Wonderful dogs. You do need 2 as one will run you raggad whereas the two run themselves raggad :) Thank you Natalie for all the work you do for this fantastic breed.
From: GrantFriday, 12/Apr/2013 02:07
I am an amazingly proud parent to a Vanaheim SV - he is a true joy to have in our life. In a few days we will receive our second Vanaheim SV. Natalie's care, concern and support has been amazing, and we are most thankful. If you do not have a Swedish Vallhund in your life, what are you waiting for? Thanks Natalie and Vanaheim for changing our lives, and making us so happy.
From: Candyce OrchardSunday, 20/Jan/2013 09:14
Love the new website layout Lynne, and Nixy's latest photos are simply lovely.
From: Betsy LaneSaturday, 12/May/2012 05:35
Home Page:
I love your website! Great info, and your dogs' personalities shine though in every picture. Although we live in the US, I am determined to find a way to make a Vallhund our next dog (we currently have an 8 year old German Shepherd, and are very happy as a one-dog household--but I believe in planning ahead)! :-)
From: Paula an DijkMonday, 26/Mar/2012 19:12
Wonderful website great photo's and above all superb dogs, your hard work is delivering Lynne!!

Cheers, Paula
From: Grace McLeayThursday, 16/Feb/2012 20:21
What a wonderful site Lynne and Wayne! :)
From: Tove, Marianne, TurboSaturday, 08/Oct/2011 20:35
Big congratulations to Teddy on his 5 th

Tove,Marianne and Turbo
From: sue chaytorSaturday, 15/Jan/2011 16:47
Home Page: http://n/a

sent an email to Leonie, but our Chairman would be delighted for her to do a Breed lecture on 7th March:-)))
From: JonnaTuesday, 05/Oct/2010 22:36
Home Page:
Big congratulations to you both Deter and Lynne!
lots hugs from mom irma, sister Diiwa and Jonna
From: Inga OlaussonThursday, 15/Jul/2010 22:21
All the best to you all and especially to the lovely pups!

Hugs from your Höckgård relatives and owners in Sweden!
From: Fran RussTuesday, 25/May/2010 16:10
Home Page:
Hi Lynne,

Puppies are beautiful.
From: Tove GustavssonThursday, 20/May/2010 07:13
We are so happy for the new puppies!

All the best from Grandma Diana and owners Tove and Sture!
From: EsthiSaturday, 15/May/2010 01:27
hi lynne,
very beautiful dogs! I love this breed. greetings from your farm-ville neighbor esthi.... :-)
From: JayMonday, 15/Mar/2010 10:42
Hi Lynne,

I like the new look of your website. I look forward to getting an awesome Swedish Vallhund pup from you one day. Keep up the good work.


Jay Alleje
From: John McleayFriday, 19/Feb/2010 14:35
Hi Lynne & Wayne, cool website Love the pics, J
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