All our breeding Swedish Vallhunds are health tested, xrayed and clear eye certified before being bred from.

They come from dual tittled, Champion, Grand Champion and Best In Show Winning Swedish Vallhunds here and overseas.


Considering having a Swedish Vallhund in your life? - check with one of us first.  We can supply helpful information and references from all our happy puppy owners.


Besides our Champion and Imported 'kids', we have produced agility, search & rescue, rally O, obedience, herding and much loved companion dogs.


Vallarity, Torvall and Vanaheim remain separate identities, however we work together with the Swedish Vallhund Breed and the preservation of its characteristics, health and genetic diversity, with careful selection and record keeping. 


Working with specialist Veterinarian Clinics, we strive to breed puppies of sound body and mind, health testing parents, which includes: 


* Hip/elbow xrays   * DNA testing   * Annual eye examinations


2012 National SV group

Back Row: Lynne Henry (Vallarity), Charlotte Hoier (Breed Judge Denmark), John Moore

Front Row: Candyce Orchard (Rhakantra), Natalie Morgan (Vanaheim), Kathy Sloane (Torvall)



With over 100 years combined experience, the Team includes a Qualified Veterinary Nurse,  Animal Behaviourist, A.I Technician, Breed Lecturers and experienced Puppy Evaluators

The Team with Anita Whitmarsh - Breed Specialist, Sweden

Anita lunch

L-R Candyce Orchard, Kath Sloane, Anita Whitmarsh, Natalie Morgan, Kaye Moore, John Moore

Absent - Lynne Henry and Greg Sloane

Anita is holding her gift from the Team - a textile wall hanging of a SV head made by Lynne.


Listed below are New Zealands most successful Breeders and exhibitors. Collaborating together, and with our international associates, to ensure the very best for the future of the Swedish Vallhund in New Zealand with quality, proven dogs.

Actively promoting the breed, members of the New Zealand Kennel Club, Vallarity, Vanaheim and Torvall are achieving recognition throughout New Zealand & overseas, for producing puppies that are attractive and display the desirable characteristics of the breed.

Due to the nature of the limited Swedish Vallhund gene pool and our expressed desire and dedication to producing healthy, well conformed puppies, we operate a closed stud book.  The benefit of this practice will become apparent in future generations when not all Swedish Vallhunds will be closely related to each other.

Team Vallhund is dedicated to the conservation of the rare patriline and matriline bloodlines.  Only 1% of all SV's carry these rare lines and we are fortunate to have both lines in New Zealand.


    Breeders Of: Owners Of:


Midas - Est. 1988 now under prefix Vallarity - est. 2005


Vallarity Logo with Teddy and silhouette

Located in the Central North Island

  • NZCH Dlarah Ruby Tuesday - Imp Aust - retired  
  • NZCH Hogalids Dexter - Imp Sweden
  • NZCH Vallarity Foxy-Fey
  • Vallarity Hip Hop Hillbilly
  • Vallarity Hopscotch 
  •  9 - NZ Champions
  •  3 - Australian Champions
  •  1 - Aust & NZ Champion
  •  4 - Multi Class In Show Winner
  • 10 - Multi Class In Group Winners
  •  3 - In Group Winner
  •  2 - Herding Certified Dogs
  •  1 - National Show Champion
  •  1 - AD Agility Dog 
  •  2 - Reserve of Group Winners
  • 7 - NZ Champions
  • 2 - Swedish Imported Dogs
  • 2 - Australian Imported Bitches
  • 3 - Multi Class In Show Winners
  • 6 - Multi Class In Group Winners
  • 1 - Reserve In Group Winner
  • 3 - National Show Champions
  • 3 - Swedish Vallhund of the Year for 7 consecutive years
  •   8 - Litters
  • 45 - Puppies Total

Rustibust - est. 2003 now under prefix Vanaheim - est. 2006



Vanaheim Logo


Located in the Coromandel

  • NZCH Murival Antares
  • NZCH Valkrista Alatna
  • Vallarity Day Tripper
  • NZCH Vanaheim Strawberry Fields
  • NZCH Vanaheim Pirates Codex (In Partnership)
  • NZCH Vanaheim Heza Cool Cat (In Partnership)
  • NZCH Vanaheim Making Mischief  (In Partnership)
  • Vanaheim Alchemy With Vallarity (In Partnership)
  • 4 - NZ Champions
  • 5 - Multi Class In Group Winners
  • 1 - Class In Show Winner
  • 1 - Reserve In Group Winner 
  • 6 - NZ Champions
  • 7 - Multi Class In Group Winners
  • 3 - National Show Champions
  • 1 - Swedish Vallhund of the Year. 
  • 1 - Swedish Vallhund Rising Star of the Year
  •   5 - Litters
  • 27 - Puppies Total

Torvall - est. 2006


Torval Logo



Located in the Hawkes Bay

  • NZCH Valkrista Maid Marion
  • NZCH Torvalls Cally's Litten Flicka
  • Valkrista Byron Bilby
  • NZCH Torvall Crackling Rosie
  • NZCHTorvall Sloane Ranger
  • Vallarity Highland Fling
  • 3 - NZ Champion
  • 1 - Best On Parade
  • 2 - Class In Group Winners
  • 1 - Class In Show Winner
  • 1 - National Show Champion 
  • 1 - Swedish Vallhund of the Year
  • 4 - NZ Champions
  • 3 - Multi Class In Group Winners
  • 1 - Best on Parade
  • 1 - Class In Show Winner 
  • 2 - National Show Champions
  • 3 - Swedish Vallhund Rising Star of the Year
  •   8 - Litters
  • 47 - Puppies Total

Puppy Enquiries are always Welcome

Conservation efforts are being made to preserve rare bloodlines! 


With only 4 lines left - 2 being extremely rare, we believe it is vital to protect the 2 rare lines for the future of the breed.  While still health testing, hip scoring, annual eye examinations and DNA profiling, we are working on a breeding programme that will see these lines expanding back into the very limited gene pool.



A matriline is a line of descent from a female ancestor to a descendant via a line of females. A matriline can be drawn from todays females all the way to the females of the foundation stock: from daughter to mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and so on.

Mitochondria are the power plants of the cell: They supply cell with energy.  In addition to that, mitochondria have their role in regulating the cycle, growth and death of cells.  In a Matriline, the mitochondrial DNA (mt DNA) has descended from a mother to a daughter.  Males also inherit mtDNA from their mother, but they cannot pass it on.  Offspring inherits mtDNA always from the mother, and the genes of the father do not affect mtDNA in any way.  If the matriline is broken, the mtDNA of that line is lost.

There are only two matrilines left among Swedish Vallhunds. 


A patriline is a father line, or a sire line as it could be called in the dog world. A patriline is a line of descent from a male ancestor to a descendant via line of males: a sire, his sire and his sire, and so on. Males Y chromosome descents in the patriline.

Out of these 13 patrilines, 11 have died out

Today, there are only two intact patrilines: Mopsens and Tjappos.   Tjappos line is hanging by a thread. If Tjappos patriline disappears, there is only one version of chromosome Y and the DNA it contains left in the breed


For the full reports, click here     




The rare 6% Tussi Matriline is only present in

Trendam Busy Being Fabulous (Melody)

Vallarity Hopscotch (Jorja)


The rare 1% Tjappo Patriline is only present in

Vallarity Foxtrot Bravo (Charlie) - via stored semen

Bodeneis Foxy Folkmar (Moko) - via stored semen

Vallarity Highland Fling (Rhonan)

Vallarity Hip Hop Hillbilly (Billy)



We have the only breeding Swedish Vallhund's, in NZ, to carry these rare bloodlines.




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