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Vanaheim Alchemy With Vallarity - Owned in Partnership

NZCH Vallarity Ticket To Ride - Stored Frozen Semen

Vallarity Highland Fling - Owned in Partnership

NZCH Vallarity Foxtrot Bravo - Stored Frozen Semen

NZCH Högalids Dexter - Imp. Sweden

Copyright Dexter

signature Dexter

DOB: 27/09/2009

Colour: Grey

Reg. No. S61634/2009

Eyes: Clear Eye Certificate

Tail: Long

  • Best Puppy of Breed (Sweden)
  • Multi Baby Puppy of Group
  • Multi Puppy of Group
  • Multi Junior of Group
  • Multi Intermediate of Group
  • 2011 National Show Champion of Breed and Junior of Group
  • Gold Certificate of Merit

New Zealands most successful sire of Swedish Vallhunds

Dexter is from successful and proven bloodlines in all aspects of competition, from conformation to obedience, agility and herding - as well as comprehensively health tested parentage.  He is a mischievious little man and keeps us on our toes.  He possesses a cheeky and friendly nature, which makes it a pleasure to take him anywhere.

He has produced puppies that are Champions, Multi Class In Show and Group winners here and in Australia and America. His puppies all exhibit the same cheeky, yet gentle and friendly nature.

Nationals 2011 Dexter


"Congratulations! Number two from Sweden to NZ. And he is born in the same area in Sweden where the breed started up. Västergötland. One more born in the right area to NZ . A real Västgöte!!" - Marianne Larsson (Sweden)
6/2/2010 - Sweden - Best Puppy of Breed

"Cute puppy with good head. Well set ears. Good chest, neck and over the line. 

Well set tail.  Good coat, colour and bone. Good movements." - Judge

0 Dexter doing turn back

Vallarity Hip Hop Hillbilly


signature Billy

DOB: 3 April 2015

Colour: Grey

Reg. No. 03095-2015

Eyes: Clear Eye Certificate

Tail: Natural Bob

  • Baby Puppy In Group
  • Puppy In Group
  • Multi Best of Breed

What a great little dog Billy is.  Personality Plus, as well as a promising show career ahead of him. Carrying the rare Tjappo patriline also means he will be important for the future of the breed.


Billy Baby Of Group


Billy Puppy of Group


Dexter ped



Pihlspetsens Abbe

Sanningegardens Brynolf

Sanningegardens Brynolf

Tridents Tina

Tridents Tina

Skogsbygdens Otto Wimse

SWE N CH Skogsbygdens Otto Wimse

Skarsjotorps Alma

Skarsjotorps Alma



Lejondalens Cornelius Rex

INT NORD SWE DK N FIN CH KBHV-00 Lejondalens Cornelius Rex

Nissagardens Esmeralda

Nissagardens Esmeralda

karradalens artiga arne

INT NORD CH NORDV-98 NV-96 Karradalens Artiga Arne

SUCH Skogsbygdens Irma Virvelvind 29.5-06 014

SWE CH Skogsbygdens Irma Virvelvind

Vesboge- Faxe

Vesboge Faxe

Skogsbygdens Ursual Vartas

SWE CH Skogsbygdens Ursula Vargtass

Skogsbygdens Hexan Hedvig

INT SWE N CH NORDV-94 NV-91 LP Skogsbygdens Haxan Hedvig





Easter Pups Pedigree



NZCH Vallarity Foxtrot Bravo


NZCH Trendam Busy Being Fabuous - Imp Aust

Dlarah Little Red Corvette

Aust Sup Gr Ch BIS Dlarah Little Red Corvette

Moko On Log

Aust & NZCH Bodeneis Foxy Folkmar

Ruby for website

NZCH Dlarah Ruby Tuesday

Konnunkodon Draco Malfoy

AUST GR CH BIS  Konnundodon Draco Malfoy

Dezi 2010

Aust Ch Mill Creeks Chyna Design - Imp USA

Rock a Hula

Aust Ch Dlarah Rock A Hula

millcreek chyna

Am Ch Pavon Mill Creeks Chyna

Hats off to Larry

Aust Ch Dlarah Hats Of To Larry

Sydspetsens Sonja P

FINUCH Sydspetsens Sonja P

Leesway Lil Town Flirt

AUST CH Leesway Lil Town Flirt

Cimillan Daredevil

INT FIN EST CH FINW-05 NORDW-O5 Cimillan Daredevil


AUST GR CH BIS  Dlarah Puta Spell On You

millcreek october rust

Am Ch Minikota Mill Creeks October Rust

bodeneis bara baranduin

INT &  FIN & EST & DK & RUS & LV & S & NORD CH JWW-03 ESTW-04 Bodeneis Bara Baranduin

Leesway He Packs A Punch

AUST CH Leesway He Packs A Punch

Gralotens Vandra Vidare

SUCH Gralotens Vandra Vidare


Fennican Geeba Gerbera

INT & FIN & PRT & S & EST & N & CAN & LTU & LV & DK & NORD & HR & RUS & H CH LVJW-00 LVW-00-06 PL&PZJW-00 EUJW-00 WW-01 NordicW-01-03-05 FINW-04-05-08 SW-04 BaltW-06 EUW-06-07-08 VWW-08-10-11 Fennican Geeba Gerbera

Leesway Lil Town Flirt

AUST CH Leesway Lil Town Flirt



FIN CH Jermu

Vastgota Rudolf Valentino

CANCH Vastgota Rudolf Valentino




Gralotens Acke Ackspett

SW CH Gralotens Acke Ackspett

Leesway Voodoo

AUSTCH Leesway Voodoo

Cimillan Cambalaya

FIN CH Cimillan Cambalaya

Karjakon Huikanpoika

FIN CH Karjakon Huikanpoika

Tridents Hampus

Tridents Hampus



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